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thank you for the assets

is this a virus?, looks like a virus, no offense,  i really like the fattyrpg series 

Why is it paid when I open the website?Shouldn't it be free?

It is free, there's just a suggested donation option. The link above it "no thanks" will take you straight to the download.


Yes, the file is indeed free, but there is no game itself in it, only some pictures and a network address, and the network address loaded is a paid item, which costs 10USD

The Game itself is of course not free. These are just some free to use assets.

Deleted 264 days ago

You know, I was actually thinking about this exact thing this morning, considering the idea of a similar-style game with a different narrative. I mean, Makes me happy to see a creator taking the ideas of other under consideration and letting them go free with them.